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Hui-Chin (Jocelyn) Kao

Starting out as a sales associate and training consultant, Jocelyn quickly learned the ropes of the real estate industry. Since joining the company in 1996, she immediately focused her efforts on what she does best; management and leadership. Today, as president and chief operating officer, she has partnered with several well-known developers and succeeded in selling some of the finest properties in Montreal and its surrounding areas.

Prior to earning her license in real estate, Jocelyn migrated from Taiwan to Canada and quickly decided to be established in QC. She brings an extensive knowledge of the Canadian real estate market and is certainly positioned in the industry as an accomplished and respected broker. She enjoys a stellar reputation of perseverance, honesty and fairness. She accredits those characteristics as part of being a good team leader, one that has a clear vision, encourages team work and faces obstacles with integrity. 

Broker’s words:

"I trust that our clients have had a positive experience with our services. Here in Diamond Diamond Real Estate Inc., we are a team and everyone has to work and communicate together.”

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Hui-Chin (Jocelyn) Kao

President/Real Estate Broker
#certificat: C5168

(514) 295-7581

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